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Welcome to HAKEM.NET, one of Algeria's major internet cafes.
Photos of HAKEM.NET Cybercafé
View of Oran City from Mountain Abdelkader
1 out of 9
Ain Turk - view from 'la corniche'
2 out of 9
Front de Mer
3 out of 9
Front de Mer in the evening. Adef hotel in the background.
4 out of 9
West Coast - La Grand beach & Les Andalouses beach in the distance.
5 out of 9
Mers El Kebir Fortress - a.k.a. Casbah. Oran city centre in the distance.
6 out of 9
Along Oran's coastline -'la corniche'. To the left: Oran city centre, to the right: Ain Turk.
7 out of 9
Oran's Main Port & City Centre - 'Front de Mer'.
8 out of 9
Santa Cruz Fort upon Mount Abdelkader. View of Canastel in the distance.
9 out of 9
About HAKEM.NET Cybercafé
The cybercafé was opened on the 24th of August 2001 in Miramar, Oran Algeria. After some advertising and local word-of-mouth, it immediately gained a reputation as one of the most modern internet cafés in Western Algeria. HAKEM.NET was the trend-setter and introduced flat screens (TFTs), powerful computers for gaming, webcams, VOIP calls and much more especially not forgetting the general modern and friendly atmosphere.
In 2004, HAKEM.NET was the first to adapt an Internet Café login and management system where clients must purchase tickets in order to logon and can top-up at any time or otherwise create a member account which eliminates the need to buy tickets but simply logon using a username and password. The great advantage this system gives to our clients is that there is the freedom to connect for as long or short a time as desired unlike many cybercafés where you purchase thirty minutes or one hour and need to stay there for the entire time. Holding a ticket or membership status at HAKEM.NET allows you to log off and come back another time to finish off your credit.
Today, HAKEM.NET is still thriving in the Oran internet market and has seen many competitors rise and fall over the years. It has become well-known in Oran and is popular with all age-groups due to the range of services provided such as gaming which appeals to the younger generation.
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